Understanding Common Dog Health Problems you Need to Know

dog healthEvery year when you bring your dog for a checkup, your vet will likely talk about vaccines or other health precautions you need to observe. Just like humans, dogs have medical issues and a lot of them. There are preventive care routines that you need to follow, for the health of your dog strictly.

In their life, we are all meant to face difficulties. Just like we get sick and visit a doctor, or how a car can breakdown and  need care from https://abingdontowtruck.com, same case applied to every live creature including dogs. Dogs can suffer from many illnesses and conditions. We have put together problems that we hear about every day, that we feel it’s important you understand them, for the overall good and health of your dog. Continue reading “Understanding Common Dog Health Problems you Need to Know”

Transporting Your Dog In A Car

Two dogs playingFrom time to time you will find it necessary to transport your dog in your car, whether it is just a trip to the vet, visiting friends, or going on vacation. Whether you drive a limo or just a small five door sedan, your furry friend needs to be transported safely. In this case, the word “safely” refers not just to your dog, but to you and your family, and to other road users also.

Different states have different laws, but in at least one – New Jersey – police can stop and fine you anything from $250 – $1,000 if the officer considers you are transporting your dog “inappropriately”. In others it is an offence to drive with a dog on your lap, even if it is a very small breed.

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How to Get Rid of Dog’s Aggressive Behavior

aggressionAggression is a common and serious behavioral problem in dogs. It can be a number one reason why pet owners seek professional help from behavioral trainers and veterinarians. Aggression is an outward show of an emotion and can be used in communicating serious intentions by the dog. It is part of a range of behaviors that dogs have to deal with them in their everyday life. Continue reading “How to Get Rid of Dog’s Aggressive Behavior”

Tips to Improve Your Dog’s Diet

dog foodA balanced diet is very critical to the cell maintenance, growth and overall health of your dog. Your pet can get all the required nutrients it needs from the high-quality commercial pet foods. These foods are specially formulated according to set industry standards. However, dogs of different ages have different nutritional needs

Nutrients are vital components obtained from food and used by an animal as a source of energy for metabolic purposes, maintenance, and growth. There are six essential classes of nutrient that your dog needs Continue reading “Tips to Improve Your Dog’s Diet”

Ultimate Guide To Dog Care

Golden RetrieverWithout doubt, most dog owners keep their dog as a pet, and as such he becomes a member of the family, living in the home, being cosseted and loved.

However, some dog owners who keep the dog as a working dog will house him outside, rather than in the home. These people might be shepherds, or those who keep a dog as a guard dog for commercial premises for instance, so we will briefly cover requirements for a dog living in the open.

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Essential Puppy Supplies And Food

Homemade dog bonesSo you have finally decided to get that puppy. If you have made your selection from a litter at a breeder, you may well have to wait for a couple of weeks before the puppy can be weaned from its mother. The earliest time for weaning is around the age of six weeks, but having made your selection there is plenty for you to do before the day you finally collect him (or her) and bring him home.

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Dog Breed Selection

German shepherdDogs come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. In fact, as a species it may be fair to say that dogs have more variety than almost any other mammal. Compare dogs with lions, bears, otters, or even deer, and you will see that there is a much wider range than in most other species.

So in one sense you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a dog, but at the same time this creates a problem. If you wanted a pet hippopotamus you have a pretty good idea of what it looks like, how big it is, and so on. Dogs? Everything from something half the size of a small cat that so-called celebrities carry in their handbags to something the size of an Irish Wolfhound that weighs considerably more than you do.

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Puppy –v- Older Dog

puppies 3If you are thinking about getting a dog, especially if it is your first time, you may well want to consider the implications of getting a puppy -v- getting an older dog. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

If you opt for a puppy, you will have a cute little fella that you can guarantee that everyone who sees will adore, in exactly the same way as a new-born baby. However, puppies grow up a lot faster than a baby, and at six months old he will be fully grown and an adult dog. Nonetheless, he will still rush about and play like a juvenile until the age of about two: this is when most dogs begin to settle down and behave like adults. It is the equivalent of us passing through our teens.

Your puppy is going to need house-training, and until he has got the idea you are going to have to put up with accidents around the home. It is no use scolding him, because he doesn’t understand; you just have to train him with love and understanding.

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Basic Tips For Training Your Puppy

puppiesTraining your puppy the right way is absolutely essential if you are to have a long and happy relationship, and if your puppy doesn’t learn what you want him to learn, it is sad to say that it is your fault.

Dogs are descended from wolves, and wolves are pack animals. They live and hunt in packs, and they have a senior wolf who is the leader. The rest of the pack does what he tells it to and woe betide them if they don’t.

It is the same with your new puppy. You have to become the pack leader so that he looks up to you and respects you. For your puppy to respect you he has to learn how to do it, and only you can teach him that.

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